Chile  1994 (map)

"All territory west of Brazil was granted to Spain by the 1494 Spanish-Portuguese treaty. The Spanish assigned the task of conquering Chile to Pedro de Valdivia, whose expedition reached Chile's fertile Mapocho Valley in 1541. Santiago was founded in the same year, with the cities of La Serena, Valparaíso, Concepción, Valdivia and Villarrica following soon after. The Río Biobío marked the southern extent of Spanish incursions, where they were barred by the resistance of the fierce Mapuche tribes. Valdivia rewarded his followers with enormous land grants, which resembled the great feudal estates of his Spanish homeland. Although mining and business outstripped agriculture as Chile's merchant megaliths, it was the social structure of the estates that shaped colonial Chile. The native population was devastated by the unwitting introduction of infectious diseases, and the mestizo population, the offspring of Spanish and Indian unions, were used as tenant laborers on these huge estates, many of which were still intact in the 1960s."   [-- Lonely Planet Chile]

Bariloche to ...

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... Puerto Montt

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Puerto Montt

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Santiago de Chile

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Cerro Santa Lucia

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Game o' Chess

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Plaza de Armas

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Palacio de la moneda

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Cathedral,  Plaza de Armas

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Bubble blower

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Maria,  Cerro San Cristobal

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Canto por la madre de Dios

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