Tallinn, Estonia

Old Town at noon

Evening view

Town Hall square at night

Fat Margaret and the
Great Coast Gate (1, 2)

Town Hall Square (1, 2)

Candy seller

Evening in Old Town

Afternoon in Old Town

Puffing away

Musician at a restaurant

Old town street

Posing dude

Late medieval buildings

Buy our goodies

The Baltic Sea (more)

The Baltic Sea

Late medieval buildings

Quiet street

City wall towers

Evening in Old Town

Man reading

Shopkeeper posing

Waitress soliciting

Couple walking

Old Town (1, 2)

Old Town (1, 2)

Old Town (1, 2)

Old Town

Old Town streets (1, 2)

Old Town steets (1, 2, 3)

Old Town streets (1, 2, 3)

View from Oleviste church

Peter & Paul Catholic Church

Dominican Monastery (1, 2)

Founded in 1246 CE

Storehouse of stone carvings

Pensive or bored

Oleviste Church (1, 2, 3)

Old Town well

Selling coated nut goodies

Midnight, Town Hall Square

Midnight, Town Hall Square

Midnight, Town Hall Square

Midnight, Town Hall Square


Two women


Balancing act with heels

Puhavaimu Kirik (the tower)

Puhavaimu Kirik (1, 2, 3)

Church altar piece

Frosted glass

Gothic Town Hall (c. 1400)

Looking down Viru Street

Town Hall Square (1, 2)

Town council pharmacy
(dates from 1422)


Dominican Monastery

Indian restaurant

Ad for Viru Mall

Wall decor in a gay bar (1, 2)

Gay men posing (1, 2, 3)


Old town street

View from Toompea (1, 2)

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
(1, 2)

Estonian Parliament House
(site of Toompea castle)

Kiek-in-de-kook (more)

Toomkirik (more)

A street in Toompea

Mask in a window (1, 2)

Mask in a window

Kadriorg Park (1, 2)

Kadriorg Palace (1, 2)

President's house

KUMU Museum

Lauluvaljak (1, 2)

Song Festival Grounds (1, 2)

Maarjamae Palace
(Estonian History Museum)

Fan decor, Maarjamae Palace

Human-headed ad

Residence of Peter I

Pirita Tee (1, 2)

Statue on Pirita Tee

WW II Cemetery (1, 2, 3)

Soviet Obelisk

Rusted metal

The Baltic Sea


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