Vilnius, Lithuania

Cathedral square (1, 2)

Inside Vilnius Cathedral

Vilnius (1, 2)

Neris River


Transvestities (more)

Kamasutra chocolate (more)

President's Palace (more)

St. John's Church (1, 2)

St. Teresa's Church

St. Anne's Church

Inside the church (organ)

Orthodox Church of the
Holy Spirit (more)

Inside the orthodox church
of the Holy Spirit (more)

Transvestites (more)

St. Catherine's Church (more)

National Museum

Gediminas Castle (1, 2)


Sweet temptations

Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas

Gates of Dawn (outside)

Gates of Dawn (inside)

Chapel of the Blessed
Virgin Mary (more)

Holy Spirit Church (1, 2, 3)

Holy Spirit Church (more)

Men playing Bacci ball

Chocolate store

Church of the Assumption

Church of All Saints

Egg Statue



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