Pingyao, China

Ming era town

Preserved as it was (more)

Bell tower

One exit of the walled city

City walls (1, 2)

City walls (more)

Veggie market (1, 2)

Ornate facade

Street scene

Street scene

Stret scene


Street scene

Courtyard (more)


Ming era decor


City gate

City wall from inside

Street scene



Street view (more)


Old woman

Crumbling parts (1, 2)

Neglected street

City gate (more)

Street scene

Street scene

Board game

A dilapidated street

Rishengchang House (more)

Rishengchang House

Ming era tractor?

Traffic jam

Mao memoribilia

Hand-pulled rickshaw

Rare church (inside)

Donkey cart

Former government building

Main hall

Inside the main hall (more)

Harmony guest house

Lei Lutai Residence (1, 2)

Interior decor (1, 2)

Former glory

Bedroom with stove below

Wei Tai Hou Museum (1, 2, 3)

Feng Shui Lioness (Lion)

Board game

Board game

Taoist Temple of Pingyao

Street entrance

First courtyard (guardian)

Main hall (closeup)

Inner sanctum (1, 2)

Confucian Temple and Museum

Street entrance to temple

First courtyard (gateway)

Main hall

City god temple main hall

City god (more)

Land god temple (more)

Local deities (1, 2)

Life before Confucious (after)


Another courtyard (more)

Burning incense

Exit gate

Confucian Museum (more)

Former dorms (1, 2)

Imperial examination hall

Washbasin art (carving)


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