Krakow, Poland

Rynek Glowny
(Main market square)


St. Mary's church (more)

A square in the old town

Wawel castle (1, 2, 3)

Old Town apartment block

Ex-haunt of Pope John Paul

Cloth hall (souvenir market)

Old town facades

Cloth hall corridor

A street in old town (more)

A street in old town

The Barbican (c. 1498)

Street-side art

Florian Gate

Grodzka St.


St. Catherine's Church

Inside (more)

Church of Peter & Paul

Inside the church (more)

Corpus Christi Church

Corpus Christi Church (1, 2)

Church ceremony

Display on window

Dominican Church

Inside the church (1, 2)

Ornate altar (13th cent.)

Church annexe (more)

Stained glass in the ...

... Franciscan Church (1, 2)

Wawel Castle from
Stradomska St. (more)

Bell tower, Sigismund chapel

Sigismund chapel

Burial site for the royals

Castle courtyard

Vistula river from the castle
(1, 2)

Kazimierz (1, 2)


Old Synagogue, now museum

Inside the museum (1, 2)

Izaak's Synagogue

Inside (more)

Visitor to Izaak's Synagogue

Remuh Synagogue (more)

Remuh Synagogue (more)

Remuh cemetery (more)

Remuh cemetery (more)

Kazimierz (more)

Heavenly desserts!

Culinary goodies (more)

Kazimierz alkohole shop

A bar in Kazimierz


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