Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Queen's Park Savannah, Woodbrook, St. James, Woodford Square, Independence Square, etc.

Queen's Park Savannah

Queen's Royal College

Hayes Court

Mille Fleurs

Ambard's House (Roomor)

Archbishop's Palace (more)

White Hall (Rosenweg)

Stollmeyer's Castle

Part of the Savannah

Late afternoon (more)

Downtown across the Savannah (more)

Preparing to play

President's House

Site of the Carnaval

Liming in the park

Liming in the park

Botanical gardens

The park inside

Dates back to 1818

View of northern hills

National Academy of the
Performing Arts (more)

A colonial era building

A colonial era building

Barricaded U.S. embassy

View from above (more)

View from above (more)

Former plantation office

Queen's Park Oval (1, 2)

Lord Kitchener

St. James (info)

Western Main Road (more)

Buss Up Shut (roti, shop)

Mathura auto parts

Mosque in St. James

VS Naipaul's St. James house

Main street club district

Average POS street

Random food stall

Our hero ... Brain Lara

Downtown facade

Independence square (more)

Hosein's roti shop (1, 2)

Making a Buss Up Shut

Two boys (more)

Brian Lara promenade

Between two parallel streets

Evening liming spot

Heart of the downtown

Prince of Port of Spain (more)

Grocery store shelves

"Multicultural ad" in Trinidad

Young lawyer

Lawyer graduation (more)

Young lawyers (more)

Photoshoot (more)

Census of population, 1946

Woodford square (more)

A center of political activism

"People's parliament"

Evening crowd

Holy Trinity cathedral (more)

The National Library

The Red House/parliament (more)

Dinner on Ariapita Avenue

A random panyard (more)

A visitor gives it a try!

"Ain't I cool?!"

"Universal ad" in Trinidad

A bar on Ariapita avenue

Syrian fast food

Ferry to Tobago

To Tobago

Photos below were taken in Port of Spain in 1994

Port of Spain mansion

Voodoo ("Spiritual Baptists")



Calypso Spektakula 1

Calypso Spektakula 2

Steel drums

Around town

Residential quarter

 Cricket in Port of Spain

Brian Lara in action, scoring a century in Queens Park cricket stadium.

Another game

cricket.jpg (125449 bytes)

Port of Spain street

Port-of-spain-street.jpg (226414 bytes)


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